Annadaan Seva

Feeding the Poor
and Hungry!

Swami Pranavananda ji Maharaj always preached Feeding the poor and hungry is the biggest and most sacred service that you can do to mankind. And following his footsteps, we have started Annadan Seva to feed the hungry and poor daily. 

For there is no greater service to God than serving and feeding the needy. Our Ashram is feeding more than 150 people daily at 1 pm for 365 days, that is, our Annadan Seva never stops for the whole round year.

We have envisioned spreading this service to all parts of our country and increase the number of people we feed, for which we would need your support too. We would really appreciate it if you would also step forward and volunteer to help us in this noble work. Our different sponsorship programs are as follows:


Feeding the needy.
  • 50 Needy People


Feeding the needy.​
  • 100 Needy People


Feeding the needy.​
  • 200 Needy People


Feeding the needy.​
  • 300 Needy People

Kindly note that, the donations made are exempted from Income Tax under Sec 80G.