CSR Opportunity

Help underprivileged people

India is a developing country and there are so many people who are fighting with hunger, poverty, children not getting their basic right to education, malnourishment etc. We, at BSS are trying our best to help and affect the lives of such people as much as possible. But sometimes its not enough, we need more sponsors who help us in uplifting these underprivileged people and make their lives better.

Taking forward the preaching of our Swami Pranavananda Ji Maharaj, we leave no stone unturned to help as many people as possible. With your support and help we can reach more people and spread our work more rapidly. Many private and public sectors are already taking part with full zeal and zest. But more helping hands are always welcome and appreciated. You can :

  • Take initiatives in relief works
  • Undertake sponsorship programmes
  • Buy membership
  • Helping in innovation and welfare projects for children
  • Philanthropic activities by donating funds and in-kind help
  • Avail tax rebates by donating
  • Invite and send proposals to other companies to undertake various sponsorship programmes
  • Companies are also encouraged to share their articles on working with us on our forum which will be reflected under their name.