Yugacharya Shrimat Swami Pranavananda Ji Maharaj

A sneak into the life of the extraordinary spiritual leader and a nation builder.

A divine child was born in 29th January 1896 in a village called Bajitpur, Bangladesh, of undivided India. His parents lovingly named him ‘Binod’. Little Binod was often found engrossed in deep thoughts. For he, was a special child. He was beyond the attractions of the mortal universe. Most of the time was spent in deep meditation and aiming to achieve self-emancipation and the uplifting of mankind both socially and spiritually.

Being a child of pious parents, he himself was spiritual and devoted to the service of mankind. Father Vishnu Charan Bhuia and mother Saradadevi considered themselves to be blessed by Lord Shiva to have a son like him who was going to be a beacon of hope and a source to mitigate human sufferings and achieve self-sufficiency. Right from his childhood, he had virtues like generosity, kindness, modesty, wisdom etc. He was different from other children in the school in his village. The possessed the nature of Lord Shiva, always had a calm, composed, and serene aura. As he grew older, he was more and more involved in meditation for most of his time. This deep meditation and brahmacharya sadhana grew to an extent, where he just ate a few boiled potatoes and a handful of rice. His sleep turned to 1 hour only and later that too vanished for 6 years at a stretch. During this time, he spent his time meditating on the altar of penance in the cremation ground. He attained divine power by being a disciple of Baba Gambhirananda Maharaj.

In 1917, Bharat Sevashram Sangha was founded, which was a place for everyone to find peace and solace, irrespective of their religion, caste, and colour. Those were the days of Indian independence and he was a source of inspiration for the revolutionaries. His ashram has a manifold of services in educational and medical welfare, social welfare, rural upliftment, removal of untouchability, rehabilitation and relief programmes, well being of youths, preservation of culture, tribal upliftment.

A Hindu yogi, a saint, and a pioneer. He was the one who brought together modern Hindu society along with traditional Hindu beliefs. And directed the way, where both factors can co-exist without compromising the true essence of Hindu beliefs and practices.  He was only 44 when he attained Maha Samadhi on January 8th, 1941. He left his imprint on India in various ways. From his very childhood, he would always remain immersed in meditation and self-contemplation.

Today, his Bharat Sevashram Sangh has spread its roots all over the world and his mission of helping people and uplifting mankind is being practiced in places like Canada, America, Guyana, England, Bangladesh,  Nepal, Fiji, Trinidad, etc. Irrespective of nationality, caste, color, creed, race, religion, or nationality.

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